e-design packages

1. At least 3 options for a single item: $75 each

Example: You need a new dining room rug. I take all your parameters into account (budget, style, size, color, existing furniture, etc.) & send you the 3 best options I can find using my resources. Includes one free revision & clickable shopping links.

  • Can be any single item you need, including: ​

    • rug​

    • paint color

    • pillows

    • furniture

    • bedding

    • curtains

    • lighting

    • wallpaper

    • artwork/mirrors

    • other

2. Furniture/Accessories Bundle: $175

Choose any 3 single items at a discount! Includes 2 options per item, one free revision, & clickable shopping links.

  • Can be any 3 items you need, including: 

    • sofa, rug, & pillows

    • paint colors, curtains, & artwork

    • side table, mirror, & styling

    • rug, dining table, & chairs

    • lighting, bed, & nightstands

    • rug, bedding, & lamps (shown)

3. Signature Package-Full Room Design: $450

  • Includes: 

    • 30-minute consultation call​

    • 2 mood boards for initial ideas/style

    • 1 design plan with furniture, accessories, color scheme, & more

    • Shopping list with product info, pricing, & clickable shopping links

    • 30-minute post design call to answer questions 

    • 1 revision with up to 3 changes 



"We have loved working with Adrienne! She has helped us on several projects, and we are planning on working with her on more projects. We moved into a new home a few months ago, and she has helped us with everything - paint, carpet, hardware, furniture, etc. Adrienne always provides us a variety of ideas and options to work with, consistent with what we are seeking to accomplish. We love the way everything has turned out!"

-E. and  W. Snow

"I LOVE MY PLACE! She did a great job of being sensitive to my timeline, picked up on my tastes, and took charge of putting together a place that I love, all for a price that was better than what I would have paid with anybody else. I can't say enough good things about what Adrienne did. For anyone else needing help decorating their home, I would definitely recommend working with her!"

-J. Richards

"Adrienne was able to grasp our needs and consult my team on paint, wall trim, and carpet choice. She also presented a variety of wall art ideas and furniture options for our consideration. We appreciated her efficiency and flexibility as she then executed the design we had chosen with her help. We are very satisfied with the project’s end result and would recommend Adrienne!"

-B. Lesser

"Adrienne is the rare competent designer who is willing to go beyond the call of duty, and someone who is genuinely nice and accommodating. She did a lot of work for us for a 102 unit building that we built in Provo/Springville. Good color and furniture choices, excellent suggestions, and smart money savings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !"

​-N. Bawa

"Adrienne was receptive to implementing our style into the design of our home. She was extremely flexible and really helped us navigate coordinating with the various contractors to pull everything together."

-B. Anderson

"Adrienne really helped my husband and I get on the same page regarding some paint and décor decisions. I can't believe how much we covered in just an hour!"