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How to Make an Amazing Bed

Everyone grows up learning how to make their bed differently. Do you put the pillow under or over the covers? Do you tuck the sheets under the mattress? Do throw pillows matter that much? One of the first women I worked for taught me that the flat sheet goes on upside down-that way when you fold it over, you see the correct side of the sheet. I have done that ever since!

1. Have a why. Why is it important for your bed to look beautiful or feel welcoming? You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and the quality of that sleep affects everything else that you do. I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to invest in how your bed looks and feels. Your bedroom should be a retreat. After a long day, you need a refuge where you can relax and unwind. If your bed isn’t comfortable or cozy, you might not get the quality of sleep that you need.

2. Choose a color scheme. Even if it’s white and gray, you need to have a clear idea of how you want to feel when you walk into your bedroom, and that will help determine your color scheme. Cool tones tend to be calming, while warm tones are energizing. You may want some of both! Keeping things neutral is also nice-giving off a cozy, clean and calming effect.

3. Layer your bed. Flat sheet goes on upside down, with plenty of room at the top to fold it over. I like to tuck the flat sheet under the mattress. Next, a quilt or blanket that you love. Take the flat sheet and the quilt and fold it over so it’s easy to climb into bed. Over that, I like to add a comforter or duvet on top of the quilt and folded down a little further than the quilt. And then a throw blanket tossed over or folded at the end of the bed is the perfect finish.

4. Pillows. Euro shams are great for adding height to a bed. King size beds need 3 euro shams, smaller than that need 2, and a twin-just 1. Place the pillows you sleep on in pillowcases or their own pillow shams. They can go behind or in front of the euro shams, whichever you prefer. Lastly-throw pillows. Add 1, 2, 3, or 4 throw pillows plus a lumbar if you want! The bigger the bed, the more you can add. I like to keep things simple and not have to work TOO hard to get in and out of bed, so I usually do 3 or less. For a queen bed I would place 2 sleeping pillows in pillow cases against the headboard, then place 2 euro shams (or 22x22 throw pillows) in front, then finish off with 1 smaller throw pillow (20x20) or lumbar.

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5. Finishing touches. Make sure to add lots of texture to your bed-especially if you have a more monochromatic color scheme. Tassels on quilts, raised patterns on pillows, piped edges, or an extremely fluffy throw. This is what creates a luxury feel to any room and makes you want to snuggle in. Lastly, if you are having guests over, it’s always fun to put a tray with magazines, books, or flowers and a treat at the end of the bed. Or do it for yourself!

Don’t forget that even though other people may never see your bedroom, you will. It’s an extremely important place to invest in good materials and design and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Use what you already have and then go out and get a few things you really love. If you know how to sew, pillowcases are a simple and affordable project. Need suggestions for where to shop or what color scheme is best? Let’s talk!



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