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4 Reasons You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Designing it yourself isn't worth the stress and money. Find out how an Interior Designer can help you! #newblogpost #whyhireaninteriordesigner #savemoney

If you’ve been wanting to update your home, completely remodel it, or build your own, you should consider hiring an interior designer. Most people don’t realize all of the ways an interior designer can help you. I’ve listed 4 important things that I believe (call me biased!) interior designers bring to the table that are crucial when it comes to your home. You spend a ton of time in your home and that’s where real life is happening, and memories are being made every day. Asking for a little help to create the home you have always envisioned just makes sense.

1. Save Money

I know you’re like, “but interior designers ain’t cheap!”, but neither is renovating your home or buying new furniture. A designer will know where to find the best deals and will be able to get you access to wholesale prices which are usually about 60% lower than most retail prices. She will also be able to suggest to you places or items that you may have never considered. A designer will be able to tell you if that sofa you are ga-ga over is actually a good price for the quality or if you are being ripped off. She will know her fabrics and can tell you if it will stand the test of time or be ruined in 2 years. In the short term, and the long, your designer is on your side and will help you make the smartest choice financially. Keep in mind that you control how involved you want your designer to be. Most designers charge hourly so if you are trying to save money, establish the kind of relationship you want to have with them before any work begins.

2. Save Time

It may seem easy to get onto Pinterest, pick out what you like, and then go to the store and buy it. But there are so many other things to consider. A designer will help you save time by taking care of the details you don’t have time to do yourself. She will measure everything and plan a furniture layout beforehand to help you pick the right size pieces. She will know right away where to go and save you time researching or asking around. She will also save you time finding contractors, handymen, and installers because she will have a long list of numbers saved on her phone. Truly, making any change in your home can seem easy at first and then quickly become overwhelming. Let your designer do what she does best, and spend your time doing what you want to do.

3. Trained Pair of Eyes

With experience comes the ability to see things in a new way. An interior designer is not only a trained pair of eyes, but a fresh one. She will see your home in a way that you may have never considered. She will also know right away how to make your home convey the feel that you are going for and help you see where things may look a little off balance or not so Feng Shui. Her trained eyes can tell you how low to hang your chandelier and how big of an accent chair you should get so that it matches the scale of your sofa. Yes, there are design rules that you can look up and figure out on your own, but there are some things that only your interior designer can just see and know through experience.

4. Read Your Mind

Ok, so interior designers can’t secretly read your mind, but they are generally really good people people. People persons? They have to be, because they talk to people every day and designer/client relationships are very important. You want to feel like your designer is someone you can trust! Because of these skills, designers start trying to get to know you right away. They ask lots of questions, get to know your personality, your taste, and your lifestyle. As they plan and design for you, they take all of these factors into account. All of these little details about you are infused into the space your designer helps you create. Instead of getting the matchy-matchy set of furniture from the big box stores, your designer has made your house into a home that is not only practical, but completely represents you and your family. Now that is something worth paying for.

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