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E-Design Saves You Time and Money

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Long gone are the days of driving from store to store with your designer by your side, trying to find the perfect piece of furniture while watching the clock to see how much you’ll have to pay her at the end of the day.

Thanks to e-design, you can redesign your home without even meeting with your designer in person. Communicating over Facetime, phone calls, and emails can make the design of your home a flexible and enjoyable process-happening around your schedule.

Restoration Hardware Look for Less E-Design

What is E-Design?

E-design is an online interior design service and a wonderful option for people who are willing to put in a little work themselves at the beginning (measuring) and end (shopping). E-design is for you if you want:

  • Access to great design ideas

  • Cohesive furniture layouts

  • Mood boards to refer back to

  • Shopping lists with clickable links

  • Designer-exclusive products

It’s also ideal for people who need flexibility, can’t meet in person with a designer, and don’t need their designer to do the shopping part for them.

Example of Furniture Layout, Paint Colors, and Accessory Options

What You’ll be Doing:

When you choose e-design, you’re making life a lot easier for both you and your designer! Sure, maybe you can’t meet in person to go over every detail, but your designer can easily send you links to what you’re looking for over e-mail and answer any questions over text, phone calls, or Facetime- saving you both time and money. It usually means more options to choose from as well! Your job in the world of e-design is simple:

  • Provide pictures and measurements of your space

  • Send your designer inspiration pics of things you like, styles you love, etc.

  • Give your designer a budget range for what you’d like to stay in

  • Do the shopping

What Your Designer Will Be Doing

Based on the information you give your designer (start by filling out a design questionnaire), she can put together looks for you that achieve your vision and style all while making sure everything is proportionate to your room, coordinates well together, and fits within your budget.

Anyone can get online and shop for furniture-what your designer does is make sure it all works together seamlessly. She’s taking into account dimensions, proportion, texture, lighting, budget, the quality of pieces, and your personal taste.

You’re paying your designer for her time, but also for her ability to create while keeping everything you want (and NEED) in mind. Her job in the world of e-design is:

  • Create 1-2 mood board options that show color, style, and texture to get a feel for the direction you want to go in

  • Provide 2 design boards that show furniture layout, accessories, lighting, etc.

  • Provide an online shopping list with product info, pricing and clickable links

  • Offers 1-2 revisions if there is something you want changed in the design.

Pillow and Rug Suggestions with the Client's Existing Furniture

How it Will All Come Together

Once you do your job and your designer does hers, it will be up to you how you implement your design. Using the provided shopping list, you’ll be able to shop according to your own timeline and budget, whether that means going out and buying an entire room at once or steadily working your way there-one piece at a time.

The beauty of e-design is that you will ALWAYS have your mood boards, layouts, and shopping lists to refer back to-with the added confidence that you can afford it and it will all look great together. Even if you don’t buy the exact piece of furniture suggested by your designer-you can use her ideas as reference points for similar pieces you may see while out shopping on your own.

See my design services page for the packages that I offer. Even a 30-minute consultation could be the motivation you need to start making your house feel more like a home!

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