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5 Classy Ways to Never Go Out of Style

Some things will just always look good. Red lips, a-line dresses, and black and white. Trends come and go which can be intimidating (not to mention expensive) for people who want to stay “with it”. I want to emphasize something I believe in and tell clients frequently: Do not stress so much about what other people will think of your home. It is YOUR home, so do what YOU love! No matter how much I tell you what I think will look good, in the end, it has to feel like you and have your personality in order for you to love living there. That is why when I do a consultation for people, I spend a lot of time figuring out their style and taste. My goal is to make your home look amazing without compromising your personal style and preferences. Here is a list of five things that are just straight up classic and you will never regret doing to your home.

"You don't have to spend a fortune each time some new color is on trend"

1. Number one thing that never goes out of style-The color white. I know the wedding dress trend is ivory or blush these days but has white taken a step back AT ALL? Never going to happen. White is the classiest of the classy. So if you’re ever unsure of what to do…gold frames or white frames? White back-splash or teal backsplash? White comforter or patterned? And you REALLY don’t have a preference, white is always the answer. There are a million ways to add color later on and you can always change white things very easily. I'm not saying don't use color. I'm just saying that if you want something to feel timeless and not have to worry about redoing it in 5 years, white is a smart choice.

Emily Henderson

2. Built-in furniture. The extra storage is ah-mazing and it looks a heck of a lot better than a bunch of mismatched dressers or bookshelves your in-laws gave you. (May or may not be speaking from experience. Some day I’ll have my built-ins!) They are classy and great at hiding clutter. Definitely can be an investment, but it is worth it! It will increase the value of your home when you sell it and it will make your rooms look bigger and fancier. Don’t know any good shelf building peeps? I can refer some to you!

Decor Pad

3. Stripes. I just love stripes! You can make them masculine, feminine, playful, nautical, patriotic, mysterious, etc. and they’re just stripes! I can’t think of one time that I ever thought, 'ugh stripes are so not cool right now'. They are just classy and they will always be. Stripes can also have a major effect on the feel of your room and make it seem bigger, longer, etc. Next time you are tempted to spend a lot of money on that super cute trendy rug with the crazy pattern on it, maybe choose stripes instead.

Kiss me darling

4. Artwork. When you decorate with art that reflects you and tells a story it is impossible to be out of style. The best homes are those that have pieces of art you know you can’t pick up just anywhere. Maybe they were collected or passed down or drawn by the toddler in the fam, but they have meaning. I also love thoughtful (not cheesy or cliché) quotes that motivate or make you think. They’re on the wall because they’ve had an impact on you. Take your time collecting meaningful artwork and hang it with care. When you travel, keep your eye out for something that speaks to you. A collection of great artwork does not have to be expensive, but it does take time.


5. Texture. My favorite thing to decorate with is texture. If you’re not sure how to add that little extra to your home, it might need some more texture. Play with raised patterns, overly plush throw blankets, or a jute rug. Anything to mix it up and make people want to reach out and touch something adds warmth and beauty to any home. And it’s never going out of style.

I could talk about so much more, but I want to keep this brief-ish. I hope this sparked some creativity and helped you realize that you don’t have to spend a fortune each time some new color is on trend. Stick to what you know looks good and then tweak it a little bit with the changes that always come and go. Questions? Thoughts? Comment below-I’d love to hear ‘em!



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