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How to Decorate for the Holidays

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Even though all of my decorations are being saved up for when we have a home (someday really soon I hope!), I think decorating is what makes a holiday feel special. It’s just a bit less magical without the Christmas tree, wreaths, bells, candles, and boughs of holly. But where to start? Though I’ve never decked my own halls, I have decorated other homes and given holiday décor tips. It can be overwhelming thinking of all the ways you could make your home look incredible or you may want to avoid Hobby Lobby at all costs this time of year. I’m going to give you some general rules to stick to and let you decide if less is more or more is more this holiday season.

Pink Christmas, Color Scheme, Holiday Decor

Holiday Decorating Rule #1: Choose Your Theme

Will you choose classics, neutrals, or something unique? Any color can feel Christmas-y when mixed with other holiday elements. Once you know what color scheme you are going to use, stick with it. You can change up patterns and textures, and you should definitely mix in silver or gold (or both), but don’t change the color scheme from room to room. Keep it consistent throughout your entire home to create a cohesive, festive feel. The main areas where you want to add décor are your tree, mantel, wreaths, gift wrap, and table settings. You can definitely do more or less than that (think pillows, entryway, exterior, etc.), but those are some of the main spaces that change up each year for the holidays.

Christmas wreath, greenery, Christmas decor

Holiday Decorating Rule #2: Don’t Forget the Greenery

I feel like I am saying this a lot no matter what time of year it is, but especially around the holidays, you need greenery. It will pop against your color scheme and add texture and warmth. Greenery will also smell great. If you get faux wreaths and sprigs, you can spray them with a pine air freshener or have a candle nearby to bring the pine scent or other holiday scent into your home. Bringing in magnolia leaves and eucalyptus during this season is a great idea too, especially if you want to mix up the types of greenery throughout, which I would recommend. To bring more of the outside in, try this DIY tip: Step outside and look for fallen branches. Bring them inside and fill a vase or hurricane with them. This will add organic shapes, texture and warmth to your space along with the greenery.

Lighting, Holiday mood, Christmas lights

Holiday Decorating Rule #3: Layer the Lighting

Lights are beautiful and symbolic during this season and you can never go wrong with adding them to your décor. Adding lights to the outside of your house always looks great but consider the inside as well. You can hang twinkly lights on your tree, around your gifts, or sweeping your mantel. Adding in candles on your mantel, entryway, and dining table adds warmth, sweet smelling scents, and a cozy atmosphere. Consider lanterns with battery operated candles if you don’t want to worry about lighting and relighting all season long. When you turn off all the lights and just have Christmas twinkle lights and candles going, you’ll create a dim, beautiful, and peaceful atmosphere to cozy up with loved ones.

As you’re getting ready to decorate, remember- getting ready for the holidays should be fun! Don’t worry so much about impressing family and friends and decorate with things that you love and that are meaningful to you. Get creative and if any of the tips I shared help, let me know. I’d love to see your decorations and get inspired for my own!

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