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Top 10 Design Rules to Break

Rules are meant to be broken! But will your house look completely messed up if you break a couple design rules? I say, if you truly love something, go with it. It's your home and you should be in a space that truly #sparksjoy around every corner. If you feel like giving up now, take my advice and hire an interior designer! Otherwise, here are the top 10 rules that you have my full permission to break.

Rule #1. Don't mix patterns

Please please please break this rule! Patterns are good! They break up a room, add interest and texture, and make things a whole lot more interesting. Generally we hear that we should mix patterns with solids, but I say mix patterns with patterns! As long as the patterns are different enough in style, shape, and scale, they will complement each other beautifully and you will create pure magic!

Rule #2. Make everything symmetrical

It looks really nice to have all your ducks in a perfect row but it can also be a little boring. Having a little asymmetry looks exciting, daring, and aesthetically pleasing in most spaces as long as there's balance!

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Rule #3. Keep everything proportional including artwork

Proportion is a big deal for a lot of designers. They want to make sure your furniture isn't too big or small for your room or that your chair isn't Gandalf-sized while your couch can only fit a hobbit. There needs to be balance, but you can definitely bend this rule a little bit. You can go a little bigger on light fixtures, lamps, artwork, rugs and accent chairs for a bold effect.

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Rule #4. Don't block windows

Windows add natural light and natural light is really important in every space. But sometimes you need to use the space more than you need to leave the window open. You can put a bed, a mirror, or even build shelves in front of a window.

Rule #5. Paint an accent wall

Having one accent wall can make that wall look heavy and the 3 other blank walls look forgotten. If you're going to paint your home, paint all the walls. And if you want to do a bold color, go for it! Powder rooms, dining rooms, and any other room that you want to make it's own are great candidates for bold walls.

Rule #6. Make sure all finishes match

"If my cabinet hardware is chrome then I can't do gold anywhere in my home" Not true! A secret about neutrals is that they all complement each other. The same goes for hardware and finishes. Not all woods in your home need to match and not all hardware needs to match. In my opinion, things look better when they are mixed. Limit it to 2 or 3 finishes you love and use all of them throughout your home.

Rule #7. Avoiding big patterns or dark paint in small spaces

People think that bold patterns and dark paint in small spaces makes it feel even smaller. I like to say cozier. And I don't know about you but I like my bathroom space to feel cozy and private. Bold patterns and dark, saturated paint colors can give a new depth to your experience in that room. Instead of making you feel claustrophobic, you will feel like you've transported to another world. The effect is magical.

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Rule #8. Matchy-matchy sets

Do yourself a favor and ditch the nightstands that match your dresser and your headboard and ev-er-y-thing else. They don't have to match! If they do, I interpret that as,  "I didn't want to take the time to find anything else so I went with the matching set."  Things that give your home character are pieces with meaning. The statement pieces, the different materials and textures, those are the things that say something about your home and tell a story. Rather than match your bed to your nightstands, find ones that contrast. For example, if you have a dark grey headboard, get cream nightstands that really pop next to it. Then for your dresser, do either a bold color or a natural wood. Mix, match, coordinate, and have fun with it!

Rule #9. Have to have color in every room

Don't get me wrong, I love color. I wish every room had loads of color in it. I think it has the power to energize people! That being said, you don't have to have a pop of color in every room. There are plenty of all neutral rooms that look serene, peaceful, inviting, and beautiful! What I'm saying is, ignore the color rules and do whatever the heck you want!

Image via Ideal Home

Rule #10. Don't have too much color in any room-just do a pop

Too much color? Not possible IMO. Rooms with color speak volumes. Pick 3 or 4 colors you love and combine them throughout your room. In the next room pick 2 or 3 of those colors and add one new one. Your home will flow and surprise all at the same time.

Image via One Kings Lane

Contact me for design consultation where we can talk about all the design rules you can break in your space! ;p

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